Thursday, September 20, 2007

What he said

I was all ready to post a moving update this morning, but Serdic has it covered. Yay for firm moving in dates! Yay for building a home together! Boo for everything I have to do in the next ten days.

I will add a couple of things. One of my major responsibilities here has been that we are going to use my phone, cable, and utilities accounts (Serdic not having cable, his utilities included with his current abode, and us not needing two phone lines) and so I needed to make the arrangements to transfer them over. Serdic has taken care of so many of the arrangements to this point, being the one to do all of the phoning around, booking viewings of apartments, connecting with our future landlord for lease signings and move dates, so this is the least I could do. But there is a reason I have let him handle all of that ... I hate making phone calls. I don't know why, I just have this irrational hatred of picking up that phone and dialing. I don't mind talking on the phone (as those who have spent hours on the phone with me know all too well) but I hardly ever initiate the call. Serdic says one of the ways he knew I loved him was when I started phoning him, and I still don't do it all that often, preferring to drop an email if I can. Which is just silly. I'm the same way with just about everyone I know, up to and including my grandparents, sister, and closest friends. I think it stems from my insecurities and lack of self-confidence ... I'm always worried I'll be bothering/interrupting/annoying the person I'm trying to call. Which, again, is just silly. But there it is.

But. These accounts are in my name, therefore Serdic can't make these phone calls for me. (He would if he could, because he's just that damn awesome.) So I have been putting it off. And it has gotten into a vicious cycle, as now I feel guilty about putting it off, so I continue to put it off because I don't want to deal with it because I feel guilty. I felt like I was letting Serdic down, and I was mad at myself because I just had to do this one little thing and why was I being so stupid about it? Unfortunately, hoping something like this will go away hardly ever works, so today I sucked it up and called Bell to transfer my phone service and find out our new phone number (which we need to provide to other people).

And of course it was fine, and no problem, and the customer service agent was terrific (I actually dropped Bell an email -- see? -- to compliment her, because I think we are all so quick to complain but we don't take time out often enough to say "well done, you") and we are all good to go. I figured out how to transfer my utilities online, and also set up a mail forwarding account with Canada Post for the next six months. So now I just need to call Rogers to deal with the cable, and that's the major bills dealt with (already changed my address online with bank last week). Just doing something about it has made me feel so much better, as of course is so often the case.

And while I have been doing all that, my beloved has been doing this.


You Look Like A Nail said...

I really don't like phoning people either. I, too, tend to put it off whenever possible.

Which is wierd given that a big part of my job for the past five years has involved talking with people on the phone.

Serdic said...

I think congratulations are in order for both of us! =)

Kiy said...

You guys are so sweet, I love reading your on-going story. Makes my heart happy.

What freaks me out, is that the MORE I read your blog, the more I think we really are twins separated at birth (and several, several years). The phone thing, I hear that! Oh, I call Mom and Jeff at the drop of a hat (gotta love speed dial) but anything, anything else at all ... nope. I drag and drag, knowing that finally in the end, Jeff will call.

I am quite excited for you guys, good luck on your move!


Darklight said...

I am exactly the same way about the phone. I never phone people if I can avoid it (other than my parents). And if I have day where I have to make lots of phone calls, I find it exhausting. And even more, have call display and am a savage call screener. I won't answer the phone if I don't know who it is. I swear someday I'm going to change my voicemail to ask people to leave me a message with their email address so I can get back to them.

Alex said...

It's people like you who have lead me to start my own business making phone calls on behalf of others. It's not a real business but often I will get requests from others (usaully family) who need to call somewhere and don't want to make the call. I book hair appointments, squash games and other such things for a very small fee. Let me know if you would like to take advantage of my service. :o)