Friday, October 5, 2007

This and that

Went to Future Shop last night to have a couple copies of this photo made. Total anticipated expenditure: 43 cents.

Actual expenditure at Future Shop last night? $324. I may or may not be the proud owner of a brand new shiny green iPod Nano, with accessories. I larve it. It's so tiny! I promised myself when we moved and my commute was lengthened that I would buy a new iPod to make up for it, as my old one is not all that fond of holding a battery charge for much longer than thirty minutes any more. And so when we happened to be in Future Shop last night, and they happened to have the Nano on sale, well, fate cannot be denied.

I, apparently, can be denied, however, as when we got home and I went to update it I discovered that it wouldn't interact with my outdated version of iTunes. And as we still don't have internet at home (Serdic promises me it will be this weekend), I was unable to update my iTunes. D'oh. So the shiny new Nano sits silently on my desk, mocking me.

In other news, I renewed my online subscription to one of my favourite sites this morning, and the cost was $30 US. The last time I renewed that worked out to be about $45 CDN. This morning? $30.70 CDN. Wow.

Busy month coming up, what with Thanksgiving this weekend (happy turkey day to those who live on this side of the border), a choir concert next weekend, our housewarming the weekend after that, and then a trip to Pennsylvania with my family to round out the month. Lots of good stuff. Oh, yeah, and we might want to unpack the rest of the apartment at some point. (I hear Serdic saying "What mean 'we'?" right now, as he's being doing a lot of the heavy lifting this week while I've been gallavanting around to choir rehearsals and such.)

Having someone to come home to is one of the nicest things in the world. Life is good.

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Kiy said...

Sounds like it's settling in. If you have time to shop gal, it's a good thing! You know that picture ... someone living in Washington needs a copy of that pic too! (insert not so subtle hint) My little gal is going to need a picture of her Uncle Serdic and Aunt TheSinger. Hahaha - I promise not to teach her that, of course, I'm lying ....

Thinking good thoughts. Good luck on those boxes. We are still swimming in ours. They aren't going anywhere (wish they would though!).

Cheers and hugs,