Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Short Play, in one act

The scene: A dark, quiet bedroom in a cozy little apartment somewhere in the frigid Northern tundra (a.k.a Canada)
The time: 6:45 a.m.

The alarm goes off. A weather report on the radio echoes through the bedroom.

A woman, still half asleep: Did he just say 'snow'?
A man, looking out the window: No.
The woman: You're lying to me, aren't you.
The man, after a pause: Yes.

End scene.


Kiy said...

Perfect! Laughed right out loud, but then I can ... I grew up 'just' south of you in the frigid almost northern tundra of Michigan. :)

Tell me you guys played hooky on your first snow day and bundled under the covers.


TheSinger said...

I wish. No rest for the wicked.

And there's even more snow this morning. I am seriously contemplating hibernation.

alex said...

So jealous! I wish we had snow. Stupid freezing rain.