Monday, August 11, 2008

Further Traffic Follies, and other adventures

Would you believe I was involved in a second fender bender last week (on Thursday)? This time I was not driving, I was on the bus, but the bus bumped the car in front of him at a red light (the bus driver appeared to think the car driver had an opportunity to turn right, and didn't take it, so he laid on the horn and then inched forward bit by bit until ... bump). The car driver was (rightfully so, I think) irritated by this (there was no damage to his car, but it is the principle of the thing) and insisted on having a supervisor and the police called, so we all had to pile off the bus and wait for the next one.

The kicker? When I got off the bus and took a good look at what was happening, I realized that the guy in the car? Was our downstairs neighbour! What are the odds? I stayed out of it at the time, and haven't seen him since, but I am dying to ask him how the situation was resolved.

I offered to stay home on Friday, as I felt it was only right for me to stay off the roads, as my traffic jinx appeared to be extending to my friends and neighbours. It was suggested here at work that we could have a new national holiday, and call it The Singer National Safety Day. Everyone stays off the roads, and we all win. Good plan, no?

In other news, thanks to everyone for their support and suggestions on my recent weight loss/get in shape resolution. I am happy to report that I have lost four pounds in the last two weeks. I realize that the first ten pounds are the easy part, with the water weight and all the rest, but it's a step in the right direction. I have been taking my lunch every day, taking the stairs at work, and making some different choices in the grocery store/restaurants. It's starting to pay off, at least a little. I am now on the hunt for suggestions for exercises I can do at home -- I bought an exercise ball and a set of resistance bands, and while they came with suggested exercises I'd like to mix it up a little bit as well. Any thoughts?

Four weeks until we leave for England! Woot!


Darklight said...

A good place to find exercises you can do at home with the ball and resistance bands is They have a bunch of other stuff (nutrition and exercise trackers, support forums, etc.) but it seems to me there's a fitness section where you can find videos of various exercises.

Darklight said...

Oh, and congratulations on your success so far.

Hope you manage to stay out of any further traffic mishaps.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Congatulations on your recent loss, funny to hear about your latest bump, and best wishes for your current birthday!

The key to the grocery store is to "shop the outsides" - this is where all the fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein (meat) are. (and I think the ice cream, which you want to avoid...). The aisles in the middle are the dangerous ones...

As for exercises, there's absolutely nothing wrong with, and nothing better than, the good old fashioned basics - walking/running, pushups, situps, jumping jacks, body weight squats, etc. With a ball you can find many ways to incorporate it in these fundamentals.

Have you thought about breaking up your meals in 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day? It's great to feel like you are constantly eating but in fact eating the same amount of calories!!