Thursday, July 5, 2007

The weekend past and the weekend to come

Another Canada Day has come and gone, and I finally managed to throw a successful fireworks watching party! This was my third try at it, and after the first two were spectacular failures (less than four guests each time) I nearly gave up, but this weekend we had a great turn out. I have a perfect view of the parliament buildings and the fireworks from my apartment balcony, and it's a great place to hang out and enjoy without having to deal with the million people who descend on the Hill every year. This one was also special because it was the first time Serdic and I were bringing our friends together for something. I have met a lot of his friends and he has met a lot of mine, but this was our first attempt at having our friends meet each other. I think it went swimmingly, and if anyone else feels differently they aren't telling me! I have been blessed with some very special and wonderful friends in my life, and they mean the world to me. And as I am getting to know Serdic's friends I realize that they are another blessing, a whole new group of wonderful people to be part of my life. I keep teasing Serdic that I'm going to keep his friends when we break up, and while that's an idle threat because I don't plan on going anywhere without him anytime soon, I have to say it would be very tempting to try and steal them.

So thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated Canada Day with us. It was a blast! (No pun intended. ;-)

And now I'm gearing up for another long weekend, as I'm taking tomorrow off to spend the weekend with my folks on their boat. Every couple of summers they take a few weeks and bring the boat the length of the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa and back again, and they are on their way up the canal as we speak. My sister and I are heading down to meet them half way tomorrow and we'll spend the weekend chilling on the boat. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend, frankly! Unfortunately the forecast is not ideal, but family time is always A Good Thing. Which is another blessing.

And somewhere along the line I will ponder how it possibly got to be July already. Where is the time going? The past six months have just flown by, and while I am not in any way complaining about how the last six months have gone, I am still a little gobsmacked by the speed at which time is passing. How can it be July? Wasn't it March a couple of days ago?

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