Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Fun

Winter Storm Watch, part 622. 30-50 cm in the next 36 hours. On top of the 30 we received this week already. Awesome! [/opposite day]

We just got an email from the head of our building's health and safety committee, reminding us that the path to the bus stop and all sidewalks are property of the city, and as such it is the city's responsibility to maintain them, and all complaints should be directed to the city. In other words, STOP EMAILING HER ABOUT THE PATH. That was the subtext, anyway.

Had a great experience on the bus this morning. A young man seated towards the back was holding forth about, basically, how awful his life is. He was directing this diatribe in theory towards the poor woman who had the misfortune of sitting next to him, but he was speaking loudly enough that the whole bus could hear him. He seemed to think that he is the only person in Ottawa who has to deal with the snow, and roommate problems, and financial difficulties, and an overbearing mother, and so on and so forth. This would have been bad enough, but he was also extremely foul mouthed, and while I am all in favour of the occasional naughty word, this was really a bit much for the time and place. The two older ladies sitting next to me were quite bothered by this behaviour, and I smiled sympathetically at them and rolled my eyes. Then one of the ladies turned around and told him to keep his voice down. The following exchange ensued:

Him: Screw you, lady. I barely have any voice. (One of his complaints was that he was sick with a cold and sore throat.)
Her: Then maybe you should be resting it.
Him: And maybe you should mind your own business.
Her: You made it my business with your broadcast. I don't want to hear it anymore.

She turned back around, he grumbled a bit and then was mercifully quiet for the rest of the ride. This delightful lady and I got off at the same stop downtown, and had to climb over a snowbank to get to the sidewalk. I gave her a hand over the snow, then she smiled at me, said "You have yourself a lovely Friday," and walked away.


And, finally, happy birthday to the wonderful SingerMom. I am blessed to have a mother who is not only a great parent, but a great friend as well. She has set a shining example for me in all areas of life, and I can only hope to follow in her footsteps. Thanks, Mom. For everything.

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