Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yes Wii Can

So Serdic wandered into the living room shortly before dinner this evening and announced "I'm bored." This was followed up with "Let's go buy a Wii." Five minutes later we were in the car headed for Future Shop, and within the hour we were the proud owners of a brand spanking new Wii gaming console. Plus an extra controller (we don't share very well), some fun games, and all the rest of the paraphernalia one needs to be a true Wii expert.

This was not quite as out of the blue as it sounds. I've been saying for ages I'd like to get a Wii, and Serdic has been making noises about a new gaming system for awhile, although he's been talking about an XBox360. I hauled out the old school Playstation (not even a Playstation 2 -- a Playstation 1!) this afternoon to play some Tomb Raider and I think that decided him that we needed to upgrade. But it was still a pretty spur of the moment decision.

But, oh my, was it the right one. We have had a blast this evening, and I have kicked his ass in a number of sports. He'll tell you he was the one doing the ass kicking, but he's lying. My arms are sore now, though!

Anyone out there have a Wii? What games can we simply not live without?


Kiy said...

We have one too, finally. Santa brought it as a surprise for Christmas and then the UPS dude brought the WiiFit part a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea how the UPS dude knew we wanted one. He's a pretty smart guy!

We still have just the basic stuff that came with both. Santa loaded $$ (or credit) on the game console so I can buy more games - but I don't know what to get! I hope you get more answers so I can totally steal them. :)

Have fun, and kick his butt for me too. I haven't gotten him killed off in way too long. Gosh, I miss those days!

Cheers, Kiy

Serdic said...

Those were some good times. Full body pulls in Fomor, ML raid wipes, killing Albs and Mids. HINGING DIAMOND BARS. ding. ding. ding. chime.


Still, I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Anonymous said...

Wii + mod chip = awesomeness.

A must have.


You Look Like A Nail said...

Rayman 2 is the greatest party game in the history of forever.

The Wii Fit is also awesome.

Gina (Caleeo) said...

I really like WiiFit - lots of fun stuff there. The Mario Summer Olympics are pretty good too.


PetDoc said...

Two words - Mario Kart.

Serdic said...

We're working on it.

The Singer said...

Yeah, Mario Kart is sold out everywhere right now. Boo.

I do have a new version of Tomb Raider, though. Funny thing, Lara Croft still doesn't do what I tell her to.

Anonymous said...

I second Rayman Rabbids (love the cow throwing contest) and Rayman 2. I've heard Rayman TV Party is fun, too. - ROD