Sunday, May 27, 2007

Halfway there

So one down, one to go. Yesterday was a long day -- all told, with dress rehearsal for one choir in the afternoon, shortened rehearsal/warm up for the other choir in the evening followed by a concert, I spent nearly seven hours singing yesterday. And as much as I love to sing, that's a bit much. Today is less singing-intensive (only have to get through the mini-rehearsal/warm up and concert this evening ... probably about three hours of singing, total) but I am organizing the silent auction the choir will run as a fundraiser after the concert, so I have several hours worth of work to do today to get that ready. I do one of these for every concert, and every time when concert day arrives I say "what was I thinking?" and make the people around me promise that they will stop me from offering to do the silent auction next time.

And then I do anyway. Because I am a glutton for punishment, apparently.

Well, no, I do it because it is my way of giving back to the choir that has given me so much -- we tend to raise between $1000 and $1500, or more, at each auction, which is a huge boost to the choir's finances, and helps me feel that I'm doing my part to keep the choir successfully operating and on the right track. I've sung with Atlantic Voices for three seasons now, and joining that choir has made all the difference for me here in Ottawa, as I have made so many friends and reconnected with my Newfoundland roots. (It was also someone in the choir who led me to Plenty of Fish, which is where I (re)connected with Serdic, so that's another point in its favour!)

But yeah. Right now I'm sitting there running through lists of silent auction items and thinking about how I'm going to get them all to the church, and saying to myself "next time, you are definitely, definitely NOT doing this." But I will.

On a sidenote, how lovely it was to come home last night with a sore throat and sore feet, and have someone to put the kettle on and give me a footrub. I could get used to this treatment.


Also, some new friends have been added to the blog roll on the side. Hi, guys! Thanks for the links!

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