Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Monday

So the weekend is over, and I survived. I've been both looking forward to and dreading this past weekend for months, knowing that the two concerts, extra rehearsals, and silent auction would be the equivalent, as Serdic put it last night, of running my own half marathon (an apt comparison, as the Ottawa Marathon happened this weekend as well, which made parking/driving downtown and around the city that much more "exciting" and just added to the general "aaaaarrrgghhh"ness of the weekend, even though I think it's a great thing for the city and I'm generally in favour of special events that make the city an interesting place to live).

Anyway. Yeah. The concert last night went incredibly well -- we sang several pieces better than we ever sang them in rehearsal, and the buzz from the audience was extremely positive, with lots of "the best concert yet" type of comments being tossed around. On a more personal note, the silent auction, my baby, raised over $1200 (my goal was $1000) so I am delighted.

The evening was not without its stresses as well, of course (I'm particularly fond of the people who don't want to take on the job of the silent auction themselves, but they always have lots of opinions on how I didn't do it right once the job is done), and by the time we got everything from the auction cleaned up and got to the car I was in tears from exhaustion and completely drained. However, that was nothing that changing into my pjs (I curse the person who invented the torture device known as pantyhose!), pouring a glass of wine, and sitting out on the balcony with my boy, overlooking this city I love so much, chatting about the weekend and generally just decompressing couldn't fix. Serdic was a huge support through this whole thing, and I'm not sure I would have gotten through it without him, not least because he spent at least 50 bucks in gas getting me to all the places I needed to go!

So it's over and I have the whole summer ahead of me with no choir commitments. I will miss the regular getting together with people I really like and making beautiful music, but I'm looking forward to a few months of having my Monday and Wednesday nights to myself! Time to recharge and regroup, and get ready to start up again in September.

In other news, Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight. I'm not a huge hockey fan, and while of course I'll be cheering for Ottawa and it'd be really cool to see the team bring the big prize home, at the moment I'm actually more irritated by the parking and driving restrictions downtown on game nights. Of course, I may get my passport revoked if I express that sentiment to the wrong people. ;-) So, uh, GO SENS!


Lythrum said...

Congratulations on getting it behind you, and on many lazy summer evenings to come. :)

Serdic said...

They were great concerts! And driving you around wasn't the problem, it was the target rich environment... so many pedestrians, too many witnesses.