Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Three cheers for a long weekend! And three cheers especially for taking an extra day of vacation time and making a four-day weekend. Every weekend should be a four-day weekend, frankly.

Friday was Serdic's birthday and despite his protests of not wanting to make a big deal about it, I am firmly of the opinion that everyone deserves one day a year that is All. About. Him. (or her) I myself tend to have a birthday week, but I realize some might consider that overkill. So I insisted on my girlfriend's perogative to spoil him rotten, and he gave in relatively graciously. I took the day off and we had a fantastic day together, mostly just hanging out and enjoying the being together part. I also cooked a kickass birthday dinner, if I do say so myself ... the continued mutterings of "my girlfriend frigging rocks" from the other side of the table seemed to indicate that Serdic approved as well.

Saturday we went out to the back of beyond and helped The Greek and his lovely wife dig an ungodly number of holes in their property. (The destruction we wrought was offset by the planting of beautiful cedar trees eventually, I understand.) And by help I of course mean that Serdic went and got dirty and dug holes, and I sat on the patio and sipped a drink and shouted encouragement. There are times when I have no issues with the traditional division of gender roles, and if in this case it meant I got to have my shovel taken away and instead help get lunch ready, I'm a-ok with that. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the time with The Greek and his better half, both of whom made me feel very welcome and right at home.

Sunday and Monday were both very lazy days -- late breakfasts, lazing about on the couch, watching movies, and just generally hanging out. We did have dinner with the always delightful Serdad and Serdmom on Sunday evening, as they came up to celebrate Serdic's birthday.

Unfortunately, it was back to the real world for me this morning (although someone is still on vacation, but I'm not bitter, no sir, not me). Much as I enjoy my job, that was definitely not where I wanted to be this morning. However, if I quit my job I would really enjoy the time off for approximately a week and a half, and then I would be living on the street, so I guess the bills need to be paid. But I'm already counting the days until the next long weekend!


Serdic said...

It was a great weekend. =)

Kiy said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Also, I like the way you help also ... sounds a bunch like the way I help. But, I sorta like to "direct" too. I am soooo helpful that way!

Cheers, great blog! Will have to visit again soon!


Lythrum said...

Hmm, if you think that celebrating a birthday week might be considered excessive I wonder what you think about my birthday month celebration. ;) It is of course only celebrated in my birthday month, not my husbands. :)

Darklight said...

I too, am in favour of the birthday month celebration. I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of October.