Thursday, June 21, 2007

A dream is a wish your heart makes?

So I have this recurring dream. It doesn't come around all that often, but it happens every few months. I'm staying in a luxury hotel -- the location of the hotel changes ... last night it was on a beach somewhere, other times it has been in a European city or even here in Ottawa -- and I'm obviously wealthy enough that when I check in I leave my jewels with the concierge to be put in the safe, after picking out the pieces I want to wear that evening. And then, and this is where it gets weird, I can never find my room. I have the room number and key, and sometimes I can find the right floor (it's always the 7th floor), but I have to go around and around and can't find the room. More often I can't even get out of the lobby -- there are elevators that go up and down but not to the right floor, there are escalators that take you half way up but then you have to walk to the another one to go the rest of the way, and when you get there there's only one that goes down. Last night I was even in the dream saying to myself "oh, yes, this is the hotel where I can never find my room."

I can't seem to tie the dream to anything in particular -- it doesn't seem triggered by anything that happens in "real" life. I think it's pretty obviously an anxiety dream, but I'm not feeling anxious about anything at the moment that I can think of. It's weird. It's not a bad dream, per se, not like a nightmare, but it does leave me feeling a little frustrated and discombobulated when I wake up.

So what does it all mean? Other than that I'm nuts, of course, but we already knew that.

On another note, the person who decided last night at midnight would be a perfect time to have the bells of the Peace Tower chime for fifteen minutes? Is dead to me.


Serdic said...

But I thought it would be a cute way to show how my heart rang with loneliness last night. =(

TheSinger said...

Next time, honey, just pick up the phone, ok?

Darklight said...

7th floor.

7 is the number representing "crossing bridges, gaining understanding". Passing into a new phase of life, gaining a new perspective, moving into balance. Other than that, I got nothing for you on the dream.

What would Jesus do? said...

I wouldn't worry about the dream.
It just means you're going to die.

...see, that's exactly why I'm not a psychologist. ;)

britcanadagal said... msde me chuckle out loud on that one. Funny.

I have recurring dreams too... I can't think of them now..but just like you I think it's weird how you can dream about the same thing more than once. I hate the dreams I remember seems there never nice
:{ Wishing you Happy Dreams!!