Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A plethora of pithy ponderings ...

AKA random crap, none of which is worthy of a full blog entry on its own.

Weekend Wrap-up
Had a lovely weekend, as usual. Dinner with a variety of the usual suspects on Saturday wherein I got to try Thai food for the first time. I give it a meh. But I'm also a notoriously unadventurous eater, so take it with a grain of salt. Also saw Ocean's Thirteen. Give that a meh as well. Better than the second one, but not nearly as good (of course) as the first one.

Also sang in a quickly thrown together concert Friday night -- a choir from California was in the midst of a mini-tour of Ontario, and in each city they invited a local choir to join them. So we threw together about five of our pieces that we already knew pretty well and things went off really well. It was nice to make some music again and see my choir friends, who I haven't seen in a month. The California choir loved us and they invited us to come visit them next year. We're thinking January would be an excellent time.

Manic Monday
Had yesterday off for St. Jean Baptiste day. One of the interesting things about working for the federal government is you're very likely to end up living in one province (Ontario) and working in another (Québec), even though it's all technically the same city ("National Capital Region"). Unfortunately, working in Québec means I get Jean Baptiste and Canada Day, but not the civic holiday in August. Which is fun in years like this, when they coincide to give me two long weekends in a row, but not so much fun in years when they're both on a Wednesday and I don't have any stat holiday long weekends between Victoria Day and Labour Day. Bitch bitch, moan moan. I'll have to suck it up, though, given I'd like to keep my cushy government job, thank you very much!

P-day is getting closer. The internet is going to explode. I love the Harry Potter books and, to a lesser extent, the movies, but they're just books. But there are a whole lot of people out there who take it a lot more seriously than I do (I'm not making fun -- I'm sure there are lots of things I take seriously that others would think I'm nuts to do so) and they have been pouring over the previous books looking for any clues about what might happen in the final book, and spinning ever more elaborate theories about what's to come. And they have a lot invested in hoping their particular theory is correct. I'm thinking about taking a couple of days off after the book is released just to watch the reaction unfold online. After I've read it myself, of course. No spoilers!!!

This animal recently won the world's ugliest dog competition. I'd have to say I agree with the judges.

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