Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What the World Eats

I was fascinated by this photo essay from Time magazine: What the World Eats Basically it is a series of photographs of families in various countries around the world showing what a typical week's worth of food in their house looks like. As someone who is trying to be more aware of what I eat, both in terms of what I spend and also in terms of what kind of food I am putting in my mouth, it was really interesting to look at how other people eat. The disparity between every other family and the family from Chad is not surprising, of course, but it is still pretty striking.

I think my favourite part is under the Italian family, where it lists "hot dogs" and "frozen fish sticks" among the family's favourite food. Having recently been to Italy and come home raving about the fresh pasta and gelato and how wonderful all the food was, that amuses me. I guess that's what having kids in the house will do to you!

There's a whole other blog entry in there, too, about the make up of the families (family is defined as a lot more than Mom, Dad and 2.5 kids, which is lovely to see) and the glimpse we get of homes around the world. Once again a great reminder of the wonderful variety of this world and all its many peoples and cultures. Many lessons to be learned, if we only take the time to realize they're being offered.

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britcanadagal said...

Mmmm.. Italian Gelato!! and Italian pasta....simple..but really yummy! Ohhh.. Italy. How I miss Italy.

You'll have to join me in Scrapbooking your trip soon....