Friday, August 10, 2007

So here's a short Friday afternoon story from Quebec City.

Scene: Serdic and I are standing outside the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Anglican church in the old part of the city. I am reading from my guidebook about the church.

Me: It says the organ has 3,058 pipes. That's a big organ.
Serdic: Well, then of course we have to go in and see that, and take a picture for your dad. (Note: my father is an organist.)

We go inside the church. The organ is indeed impressive. A lovely gentleman in full 18th century costume comes up and starts talking to us, telling us all about the church. I ask if it's ok for me to take a picture of the organ (some churches won't allow photography inside). He says "of course."

I take my picture and we wander away a little bit. Lovely gentleman follows us. "Now that I've let you take your picture," he says, "you have to guess how many pipes the organ has."

"3,058." I reply promptly. (And a bit, I must admit, smugly.)

I have never seen a person's face fall so quickly. Poor guy.

Serdic and I laughed about it all weekend, though.

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