Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some updates

So we're all full up with illness here at Casa Singer ... I've been flat on my back for two days with a rotten, rotten cold. I used to get these colds all the time, but as I've been improving my overall health and fitness over the last couple of years they have become much more rare. However, every once in awhile one sneaks through my defenses and knocks me out. Blergh.

I'm not surprised I'm sick, honestly, given the pace we've been keeping through August. Away every weekend, trying to apartment hunt while we're here, the worry of that (will we be homeless October 2?), my birthday celebrations, and so forth. So I took yesterday and today as sick days and am trying to lay low and sleep it off. So far the cold is winning, but I am continuing to do battle.

We had a great time on Sunday. Faithful readers may remember from a previous post that my dad is a genuine rock star. He and some friends started a band, The Coachmen, in high school back in the 60s (so, you know, they're old now!) and they were incredibly popular, playing all the local dances and, apparently, getting all the chicks. They broke up after high school, as these things go, but about 15 years ago were asked to reunite for a high school reunion. They did and it was a massive success ... nostalgia is a very powerful thing and, hey, these guys can rock! Building on that they played a couple more concerts to raise money for the town, resulting in some improvements to the recreation centre and so forth, and had a street named after them in town for their efforts. Then they packed away their equipment and went on about their lives. A few years ago they were asked to reunite again, this time for the annual summer music festival that our hometown puts on. Again, a huge success. Two years ago they played on the same roster as Great Big Sea (different nights -- although what a double bill that would have been!), and there were nearly as many people out for the Coachmen as there were for GBS. Each time The Coachmen have donated the money they would have been paid for playing to a cause in town, this year it was a music lending library that the Rotary Club is setting up to allow students access to instruments and music if they want to take music lessons but can't afford to buy an instrument.

So that's how you know they're good guys, as well as incredible musicians.

So they get together and they play and they have a blast, and the audience has a blast, and money is raised for a good cause. What could be better?

Oh, I know what could be better. If at the concert they held a 50/50 draw, and my mother sold tickets. And if she refused to tell Serdic where I was when he arrived until he bought ten tickets. And if he then subsequently won the big prize. Which was a substantial amount of money. That was pretty exciting, too.

On another note, although neither of us wants to jinx it until we have something signed, it looks like we may not be homeless on October 2 after all. You all are, of course, invited to the housewarming. ;-)

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Kiy said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. :( Cool pics of SingerDad!